I recently hired D.LEXUM Law to work on my complex divorce. I am a physician and I have worked very hard to build my practice, my wealth and my relationship with my kids. Protecting this was extrememly important to me. I worked with Ryan Garvey throughout my divorce and in the end am glad I had him on my side. Ultimately I was able to protect my assets and save my house, but even more importantly I was able to protect my relationships with my children. I have the staff at Garvey Law to thank for that.

Diane J. Cohen

I’m writing this testimonial as a show of gratitude to D.LEXUM for their hard work in my assault case. We were able to get the case dismissed entirely because of the tactics D.LEXUM used throughout the process. I am grateful that I continue to have a clean criminal record because of their work, I would highly recommend D.LEXUM Law if ever you need to hire an excellent attorney.

Gerald R. Hill

I want to thank D.LEXUM Law for helping me and my family through a very difficult time. I became addicted to prescription medications after I was injured in a car accident. I began to drive often after taking prescription medication. I was arrested for drug DUI after falling asleep at the wheel. The prosecutor’s office wanted to punish me severely; Ryan Garvey handled my case and was very aggressive. My DUI was dismissed and he helped to guide me to get off the medication and I never had to do any jail time. These guys are good.

Basil M. Moe

My attorney at D.LEXUM Law was excellent. He was really great to work with and the results exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend this law firm.

Edwin K. Kearney