You have a rights

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You have a rights

D.LEXUM can help you

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D.LEXUM, is a Certified Specialist in Criminal Defense, and has been trying cases for more than 25 years and practices in all San Francisco and Monterey Bay Area counties in California.¬†[Click here to see our firm’s profile]

I recently hired D.LEXUM Law to work on my complex divorce. I am a physician and I have worked very hard to build my practice, my wealth and my relationship with my kids. Protecting this was extrememly important to me. I worked with Ryan Garvey throughout my divorce and in the end am glad I had him on my side. Ultimately I was able to protect my assets and save my house, but even more importantly I was able to protect my relationships with my children. I have the staff at Garvey Law to thank for that. Diane J. Cohen

I’m writing this testimonial as a show of gratitude to D.LEXUM for their hard work in my assault case. We were able to get the case dismissed entirely because of the tactics D.LEXUM used throughout the process. I am grateful that I continue to have a clean criminal record because of their work, I would highly recommend D.LEXUM Law if ever you need to hire an excellent attorney. Gerald R. Hill

At the D.Lexum Law Offices, we offer more than 25 years of experience to individuals and businesses in and around Worcester, handling all matters related to consumer and business bankruptcy, as well as commercial law issues. We don’t run a volume bankruptcy business, but carefully select the cases we handle, so that we can devote all our energy and effort to getting the outcome you desire.
We are committed to serving you with honesty, compassion and integrity, helping you find effective solutions to your legal problems.

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